7 day/ 6 nights

Boarding friday at 8 p.m. onwards and returning to port the following friday afternoon. This 7-days cruise offers the chance to enjoy and discover the marine life of the tuscan islands Gorgona, Capraia, Elba , Giglio and Giannutri. During the cruise there will be guided underwater diving in the rich waters around the islands and a course in marine biology held by highly qualified instructors. On completion a certificate will be given to all partecipants.

Program for courses in the Land and Marine Biology

Marine Biology

  • Marine organism: benthos, necton, placton.
  • Coastal sampling at various dephts and habitats: definitions and criteria for identification.
  • Identification of more important animal life and vegetation of individual depths and habitats.
  • The sea beds of posidonia: its role in the ecosystems of the island.
  • Underwater archaeology in the Tuscany Archipelago.

Land Biology

  • The geology of the tuscany islands.
  • The Mediterranean climate and its relationship to the vegetation.
  • The principal categories of Mediterranean vegetation defined: grassland, steppes, evergreen and deciduous scrub land, woodland.
  • The main flower species of the Mediterranean, criteria for identification, rare and common species.
  • The most important ecological problems.
  • Wildlife of the island. Introduced species and the problems linked to the introduction of new animal species.
  • Aspect of history of the tuscany island, from pre-history to the present day. Archeological studies in the Archipelago.
marine cruise
marine cruise
marine cruise
marine cruise